Basic editing flow

Though Smartcat translation engines are 80%+ accurate, human editing will always improve your translation quality and style. Human translation can also be edited for consistency or other purposes.

Smartcat Editor lets you 

  • Work on the text along with your colleagues without disturbing each other.
  • Use terms and phrases from your existing translation memories and glossaries. 
  • Catch grammar and spelling errors.
  • Leave comments for your collaborators.
  • And much more…

In this article we’ll explain basic editing. To learn more about the Smartcat Editor functionalities please refer to this article


Reviewing translation


  1. Go to your translations, open the project you want to edit, select the task and click on it to open it in the Editor*. 

You'll see the source text on the left and its translation on the right. Both are split into segments, the units with which you will work most of the time.

*As a freelancer you need to accept the task (check out the My Tasks page)  to be able to open it. You can also select Preview the document in the Editor before making the decision. In the Preview mode you’ll only see the content of the document but won’t be able to edit it.

2. Check each segment, make corrections if necessary and confirm the edits by the shortcut Ctrl+Enter or hitting the green tick button.

The system  saves translation to the translation memory applied on writing; thus, if later you come across a similar segment, the suggestion with the previously saved segment will appear in the CAT panel in the right corner*.

You can confirm all segments at once using the same green tick in the left corner.

*Note that the Editor autochecks the translation quality and flags any potential errors in segments with a warning sign. To learn more about a specific error just hover over the sign. 

3. If you have already translated similar texts there are chances the correct translations are saved in the translation memory and glossaries. This information is displayed as a suggested translation in the CAT panel on the right.  

To put the suggestion in just double-click it  in the CAT panel. If you have several suggestions,  hit Ctrl plus the number of the suggestion in the CAT panel (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc.). 

To work with a particular segment or phrase you can use search. Select the word of phrase in the source or target and the Ctrl+F shortcut. The system will copy the wording in the search field and display only segments that contain the textFor more granular search use filtering. 

To set other fillters, hit the filter icon. The clearing filter works similarly and can be started off by hitting the filter X button.To replace the wording, hit  or Ctrl+H and fill in the Replace with field, then press Replace or Replace All

Your progress is automatically saved as you keep going. You can even close the Editor at any time and continue your work later. All segments no matter whether they are confirmed or not will be saved, at least until you clear cache and cookies (Don't do that if segments are not yet confirmed).

To download the translation file, hit the arrow button in the upper right corner of the screen.






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