Project creation wizard

Projects are repositories for the content you're translating. It is therefore required that you create a project before adding any files for translation.

  1. To create a project, in the navigation pane of your Smartcat console click the Create project button.
  2. NOTE: If you are creating a project in a new corporate account, skip this step and continue from step 3.

    Choose the simple or the complex project creation flow. You may opt for the complex flow if the project involves custom file parsing, splitting tasks among suppliers, or if it includes special tasks or resorts to non-CAT services. The simple flow is incomparably faster and perfectly honed for machine or human translation, automated workflows, and third-party integrations.
    Selecting Create a complex project, launches the flow that starts as described here. Selecting Create a simple project launches the flow described below. 
  3. Choose one of the three project types:
    - Translation. Fast: True to its name, this option is the fastest
    . A few seconds after uploading a file, you will obtain its automatic translation formatted like the source document. You can then appoint a specialist to edit it. 
    - Start blank, customize!: This option is a streamlined version of the Create a complex project flow mentioned above. It enables you to create a project from scratch and customize each stage into an elaborate combination of automatic and manual tasks.
    - Integrate & streamline: Use this option to connect Smartcat with different content sources and get your content synchronized automatically.
    The first two project types are described below. For the description of Integrate & streamline, please refer to this page

Creating a fast translation project

Selecting Translation.Fast in step 3 of the above procedure opens the project settings:


The settings are minimal: you are merely required to select the source and target language(s), upload the source file and click Get result. To achieve the best possible result within the shortest time, Smartcat uses a sophisticated mix of machine translation and translation memory called Smartwords. 

The translation will be ready in a few seconds. Upon completion, its comprehensive details are presented, allowing you to download it or proceed with post-editing.


Creating a custom project

Selecting Start blank, customize! in step 3 of the above procedure opens more comprehensive project settings:


This option requires that you provide a project name, select the target and source language(s) and select the most suitable workflow:


There are two additional parameters that allow you to select the client or department that ordered the translation and the project's subject(s). If your organization has previous projects labeled for this client, department or subject, the TMs from those projects will be automatically plugged into the newly created project to boost its quality, consistency, and relevance.

Clicking Create project generates a blank project and displays its details, prompting you to upload the source files.


It is recommended to upload the files before continuing with the rest of the settings, because the tab Linguistic Assets becomes available only when a source file is uploaded. 

When done, open the Settings tab, click Settings and continue configuring the project and described in this and subsequent articles.

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