Step 6: Assigning tasks to your team

Once a project has been started, you may want to start assigning various tasks to internal users or freelancers.

There are two scenarios for this:
1. Assigning tasks from the project Overview tab. 

Here you can find the list of freelancers selected by the Smartcat AI for every task and language pair. Based on the results of their previous similar assignments, the suppliers are listed in descending order, starting with the most suitable candidates.

The list also displays the word rate, the rating, the recent clients, the number of projects completed and words translated. The list also provides a link to the reviews on the supplier's performance. You can learn more about each candidate by clicking on their profile and then selecting Show full info. 
Use the Invite button to add the selected freelancer to your project.

2. Assigning tasks from the Tasks tab. 

You can invite suppliers by clicking the Invite button in front of the respective task. The invitation will be sent by the best-suited supplier selected by the Smartcat AI based on your project requirements.



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