Filter segments in the Editor

Learn how to utilize segment filters in the Smartcat Editor for efficient workflow, including filtering by segment status, revisions, source text, comments, errors, and source of last input, with real-time updates and reset options.

In the Editor, you can filter segments by various criteria.

Available filters

Segment status / Key.This filter lets you locate segments at a specific workflow stage (translation, post-editing, all) or translation stage (no translation/confirmed/unconfirmed), and exclude locked segments if needed. 

Segment revisions. This filter tab allows finding segments by the revision dates, workflow stages, and specific authors. 

Source text. This tab lets you filter segments by their content, and include or exclude repetitions. Learn more about repetitions. You can also use this filter to show or hide segments that contain only numbers. In this case you will see segments with at least one number and one text character.

Comments. Use the With comments checkbox to find segments with comments.

Errors. This filter helps to find segments with detected or ignored errors. 

Note that segments with critical errors cannot be confirmed before the errors are corrected. So if you apply the Confirmed filter in parallel, segments with critical errors will not be displayed.

The Ignored option is only available for freelancers.

  • Source of last input. This option lets you filter segments by their translation source (MT, updated from file, manual input) and the match percentage for translation memory matches. Learn more about TM matches

Note that the source used in this filter is the most recent insertion. For example, if first a fuzzy match from the translation memory was inserted into a segment, and then replaced by a 102% match, the segment will be filtered as a 102% match.

  • Files with keys related to software localization projects have a filter for searching source segments by Segment ID

Adding and removing filters

To filter segments, click Add filters in the search bar of the toolbar and select a combination of search parameters from the drop-down menu.

You can combine different filtering parameters and simultaneously search and replace text in the filtered segments. Filtering results are updated in real time as you configure filters.
To reset filters and display all segments, simply close the segment-filtering window.