Test and assess freelancers

Explore tips for finding top-notch translators on Smartcat, including leveraging reviews, conducting tests, utilizing glossaries, and communicating effectively for high-quality translations.

You’re more likely to receive professional-level translation services in Smartcat than anywhere else. Freelancers who work in Smartcat take their clients’ assignments very seriously as they expect to earn not only money but also good reviews.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best candidate for your project:

  • Good reviews from other clients, education, and experience matter equally. Add extra points to the translators who have passed tests.

  • If there is enough time, you may test your candidate’s skills yourself before hiring them (see Testing Translators).

  • Add an experienced editor to your project who will ensure the translation is consistent and error-free. This is especially relevant when multiple translators are involved in a project.

  • Make use of a glossary. A terminology database, or glossary, contains a list of terms specific to a particular field and their translations. Glossaries are widely used by companies, especially in large-scale translation projects, as this is a proven tool to increase the quality of translations (see Glossaries)

  • Brief a freelancer you’re hiring via the Chat or leave a comment to your project. If creating a glossary is not required, simply give a freelancer some details about the assignment by specifying required translations of personal names, company names, or any specific terms within the text.

Testing freelancers

You don’t have to compromise quality in urgent projects. Simply test freelancers in a quick and reliable way:

  1. Submit a request by sending us an email or by completing the form. Make sure you specify how many translators you need, how much you’re willing to pay, the topic of your content, and provide any other details you believe can help us find the best candidates for your project. We also recommend you attach a sample of the text you need to be translated.

  2. We will find freelancers who fit your requirements in our database and invite them to complete the test based on your text sample right in Smartcat.

  3. Once the first applications start rolling in, you will receive a notification email with a link to the page where you can check out the applicants’ profiles and review their test results.

  4. Select the best candidates by marking their translations as Excellent (★) — those freelancers will be added to your Team.

In Smartcat, freelancers do not get paid for completing tests. Instead, they are rewarded with the Test Passed badge, which will be shown in their profiles, if the customer marks their translation as Excellent (★) or Acceptable (✔). Marking the translation as Rejected (Ø) will not affect an applicant in any way.

Need help?

You may ask for a hand with searching for a freelancer who fits your project requirements by submitting a request right on the Marketplace page. Our specialists will help you line freelancers up for the project.