Get client reviews

Learn how to solicit and utilize client reviews on your Smartcat profile to enhance your professional image, attract potential customers, and improve your services based on the feedback received.

Getting reviews from clients is crucial to keeping your Smartcat profile up-to-date, professional-looking and eye-catching to other potential customers looking to hire linguists for their projects. Scoring at least three positive reviews is a good start.

A customer review consists of three parts. The customer is expected to:

  1. Rate the quality of your services.

  2. Rate the interaction they’ve had with you.

  3. Write a free-form comment about their overall experience with you.

Unsurprisingly, reviews with comments stand out more, so we recommend getting in touch with the customer using the built-in chat function and asking them whether they enjoyed working with you. If they did, suggest that they add a few words in the Comments field.

How do I get my first review?

There are three ways you can get a nice, shiny review on your profile.

From a Smartcat customer

The most obvious and effortless one is by accepting an invitation from a Smartcat customer and making sure you do your best to provide top-notch services. After your work is accepted by the client, they will be prompted to rate your services and add a few comments below. If after a few days you still can’t see the review on your profile, don’t hesitate to contact the client using the built-in chat function to remind them about the rating and the comments you’d like to receive.

For the next job you get outside of Smartcat

Don’t worry, if you haven’t yet landed any job opportunities in Smartcat. Simply suggest the next client who offers you a job try Smartcat to assign it to you. They’ll need to sign up, create a project using the docs they need you to translate, assign the task to you and, ultimately, leave a review. If you’ve already had some experience with that customer, they will probably write you a good one. This is not to mention that if the customer ends up happy with their experience interacting with you via Smartcat, it’d become easier for you to work on their projects.

Along with a payment made via Smartcat

Have any non-Smartcat clients who owe you money? Suggest they pay via Smartcat and also give you a review ( How it works ). In this case, the job doesn’t even need to be completed using Smartcat’s editor, it might be a small editing task that didn’t take any tools to get done. Once you receive the payment, ask your customer to rate the quality of your services and the interaction they’ve had with you a rating of between 1 and 3 stars, and summarize their experience with you. Once you get your hands on the feedback, send it to with “Customer review” in the subject line providing the payment date and the project name in the email body so we can add the review to your profile.


What if I disagree with the client’s feedback?

  1. Using the chat function, provide the client with a detailed and substantiated explanation of why you think their feedback is unfair. If the client agrees to remove the review, send an email with a screenshot of their consent to us at

  2. If the client refuses to withdraw the review or fails to respond, let us know by sending an email to the same address. We will assess your situation and come up with relevant solutions.

What if the client still hasn’t provided feedback on a project I’ve completed recently?

  1. Try contacting the client via chat and ask them for feedback. When they reply, send us a screenshot of their response to

  2. Another way the client can leave a review about your work is by sending an email to — we will be sure to add it to your profile. The email must include: 

  • the email address of the manager who wrote the review; 

  • the company’s name;

  • the language pair;

  • the subject matter;

  • the review itself.