Test specialists

Discover how to search for and test specialists in Smartcat, ensuring you find the right talent for your translation projects with effective evaluation tools.

Testing specialists in Smartcat

1. Navigate to Team > Find Freelancers, specify the Source and Target languages and click Search.

2. Refine your search by adding filters, such as Subject or Rate.

3. Click Create a test project.

4. Provide the Name of the test project, upload an assignment File, add a meaningful description and click Send.

5. The message belows is displayed notifying you that invitations were sent to translators to complete the test assignment.

6. The project appears in the Projects section as a current project.

Reviewing and evaluating completed tests

1. The created test project is in the Projects section like other current projects.

2. Click on your project to display a list of translators who applied to the test. The Manager review status indicates that the translator has completed the test and you can start reviewing it.

3. To check a test, do one of the following:

  • open it in the Editor by clicking Open.

  • download the test in a format convenient for you by clicking Download icon > Special formats > Bilingual DOCX.

4. After checking a test, evaluate it by selecting either Checkmark if the test has passed, or Cross if the test has failed.

5. The translators who passed the test will be highlighted in green; those who failed will be highlighted in red.

6. To open a translator’s profile, click on the translator’s name.